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      Global Fareast Int'l Logistics Co.,Itd. (GLEX), headquarter locates in Shenzhen. GLEX is a registered and authorized International Express Agent approved by State Post Administration, Ministry of Commerce and Foreign Economy and Trade Bureau. Permission License No. is State Post Administration 20150647C and Unified Credit Code is 91440300674848040B. GLEX devotes herself in the international express and e-commerce logistics business since 2006. She is not only known as the most advanced and professional logistics group both in e-commerce and platform logistics vendor, but also as the industry leader and became the first batch of experimental enterprises in e-commerce trading in Shenzhen.

        GLEX focus on the international express and freight business from China mainland/Hong Kong to varieties countries, such as Europe, Middle East, Africa, South Asia etc. We hold branch in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan and also establish stable and solid cooperation with local partnerships in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Beijing, Qingdao, Xiamen, Chongqing and more to add. sun yat-sen set points have company, GLEX is the official agent of FedEx, we build close cooperation with UPS and DHL as well. All the shipments could be achieved real time track online easily and timely.

       GLEX thinks highly of talent team building, forms distinctive company culture. There are near 60 employees in the company, of which about 80% are well educated with colleague degree. The team is led by professional and experienced management to drive the company development continually and creatively. GLEX emphasis on the application of high tech. We can develop customized shipping program by powerful software developing partner to meet varies of shipping needs.

   “Customer Oriented” is our persistent purchasing service concept. We aim to provide professional, efficient, safe and perfect service to customer through modernized and high-tech logistics developing strategies step by step. The reputation of GLEX enables us not only to make contribution to society development but also to be the industry model. Through the years of hard working, GLEX is granted by industry intelligence and reputation as well, we receive many reorganizations from the field. 

     Based in Shenzhen, GLEX will grow and expand the influence in the industry and society at the same time, so as to make contribution to local economy continually.

Open CN-Middle East liner logistics and start cooperation with EU GLS in 2008;
Launch global import business to HK/Chinese Mainland in 2009;
Become the official agent of TNT in 2011;
Being the member of Shenzhen Boshang Enterprise Chamber of Commerce in 2012;
Become the official agent of FedEx in 2017;
Sydney branch founded in 2020;
Zhongshan branch founded in 2021.

Company Culture:
The GLEX development goal:
To be the leader in cross-board logistics and create the Chinese comprehensive logistics brand.

The GLEX enterprise aim:
To be honest and to be the industry leader.

The GLEX company mission:
Customer oriented.

The GLEX company core value:
Unity, Innovation, Responsibility, Gratitude.

The GLEX company culture:
Customer oriented; Concentrated on the company core benefit;High efficient and practical working attitude;Equitable competition internally.

Market demand, our pursuit


  • international express:FEDEX、DHL、UPS、TNT、ARAMEX

  • International special lines: air freight, sea freight, small package, express delivery lines

  • Comprehensive logistics services such as air transportation, sea transportation, overseas warehousing, and international express delivery

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